Woman Wept Over Lifeless Pup, Tried To Lift Her Stiff Body And Her Paw Twitched

On her way to work on a bitterly cold day, a woman noticed a dog lying on the ground. Her body was stiff, and she was ice cold when the woman leaned down to touch her. She cried for the poor dog who had to die alone, assuming the woman was too late. However, as the woman cried, the dog began to move!

The woman was relieved that she hadn't arrived too late, but she was not happy. Despite this, she took her to the nearest vet to see if they could save her life. Varya was Varya's name given to the dog. When the vet first met Varya, he was completely taken aback. Her core temperature was dangerously low, and her organs were starting to shut down. She was in a coma as well.

Varya had a brain injury as well as a fractured pelvis, so they started running more tests. She needed to be transferred to a larger hospital with cutting-edge technology. Varya would almost certainly require surgery, but first she needed to be stabilized. Varya displayed incredible bravery throughout the entire ordeal. Varya finally awoke after receiving IV fluids, antibiotics, blood transfusions, and pain medication.

Varya was stabilized and surgery was scheduled. Her savior kissed her on the cheek and wished her luck. Varya performed admirably. She had to spend a few days in isolation due to the risk of infection, but she received plenty of love and attention from the hospital staff.

Varya was given permission to return home with the woman who had found her after only a few weeks. She was happy to be in such a nice, warm place! Varya nibbled on everything her new mother took her to try. She was finally being lavished with the attention she deserved!

Wait until you see Varya's progress since that cold puddle. She's smiling and playing by the end of the video. Her tail wags are a sight to behold! Varya's unfair life is now a thing of the past thanks to a wonderful woman and incredible medical personnel. Every life is valuable, and with faith and love, anything is possible.

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