Man Rescues Poor Abandoned Puppy And Enriches Him With A Loving Forever Home

 Heartwarming Moment A Pit Bull Puppy Reunites With The Man Who Saved Him From Death

Volunteering in animal rescue might be challenging at times, but there are also moments of pure joy that would not be possible without their unwavering efforts.

Joey Wagner is a volunteer at the Baie Ste Marie Animal Society who is a marine scientist from Nova Scotia, Canada. Joey received a call in 2013 about a pit bull mix puppy who had been brutally mistreated and neglected and really needed some TLC. When Joey arrived, he discovered that the pup was on its way to death.

Joey and the rescue crew rushed the puppy, whose they named Mojo, to Parade Street Vet, PEI Small Animal Hospital for treatment of acute dehydration and demodectic mange. By three months old, he'd lost all of his fur and was covered with mite bites. Malnutrition and bad living conditions aggravated his mange, and the puppy moaned in pain as Joey saw his treatment.

"When Mojo was surrendered, it was a very fast process and an extremely emotional time," Joey said on Facebook. "We had many requests to adopt him, but we were unable to do so due to his severe health."

Joey and his wife Leta fell in love with Mojo as he struggled to survive. Despite his mistreatment, Mojo was always nice to others and had a strong capacity for forgiveness. Many people who learned about his challenges saw him as a beacon of hope.

"Mojo's will to live was enormous!" Joey ponders.

When Joey was finally able to find his forever home, he was first in line to fill out adoption papers. Because Joey had been with Mojo every step of the way, the adoption was automatically approved by the shelter. Still, no one could have predicted the puppy's joy at seeing his savior again on the day Joey arrived to bring Mojo home!

When Mojo saw Joey, his little tail began to wag furiously. He couldn't get close enough to his new father, writhing his whole body and covering Joey's face with kisses. Joey couldn't stop smiling as Mojo expressed his gratitude for a new lease on life.

"He definitely remembers you," the veterinarian remarked as Joey snuggled into his arms for more hugs and kisses. We've never seen a more content puppy!

Joey and Mojo's joyful reunion with the rest of the world has now aired for over seven years. Mojo is now a contented and well-loved part of Joey and Leta's group. His fur never fully recovered, but he doesn't seem to mind. The Wagners have also used his story as a way to raise money and awareness for animal rescue organizations.

The way Mojo reacted demonstrates how much animals understand. Joey had been there for Mojo when he needed it the most. Their bond is impenetrable.

Please share Mojo's beautiful reaction in the video below.

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