Because She Was Not A Complete Dog, The Cruel Owner Threw the Little One-Eyed Dog Out Of The Car

 Eight years ago, Alesha Brandt's daughter was getting off the bus when she saw someone in a car open their door — and throw a puppy out onto the street. Brandt's daughter raced over to the tiny dog, realized how much she was hurting, and dialed her mother's number.

The mother-daughter duo raced the little dog to the vet, knowing they had to assist. She was extremely thin and deaf in one ear, and she had a major eye injury that necessitated the removal of her eye. She was so little and unwell that it didn't seem like she'd make it at first.

Brandt told The Dodo, "She was practically thrown into our life." "She wasn't expected to make it through the night, but she did."

Brandt and her daughter knew the miraculous dog was meant to be theirs by the time she had healed and was ready to find her forever home, and they officially adopted her into their family. They named her Captain Jackie Sparrow the One-Eyed Wonder Dog, but she's earned a slew of nicknames through the years, the most famous of which is Meeply.

Meeply fractured her leg trying to jump off the couch not long after she was rescued. Her leg could not be spared because she was already fragile and had a history of injuries, so it had to be amputated. Little Meeply only had one eye, three legs, and one functional ear at the time, but she never seemed to notice.

Meeply is roughly ten years old today, and she doesn't appear to realize she's not like any other dog. She's full of personality, and despite the fact that she barely weighs approximately 4 pounds, she acts as though she's much larger — and has no qualms about letting every dog who comes her way know who's boss.

"She seems to think she's the boss of every dog," Brandt remarked.

Meeply adores her family and follows Brandt about like a shadow. She's the ideal travel companion because she's so small, and she and her mother travel roughly 60,000 miles a year together. She enjoys meeting new people, and everyone is constantly inspired by this tiny puppy that, despite all odds, is living her best life.

"When people meet her, they frequently start crying and want to touch and pet her," Brandt added.

Despite her self-assurance, Meeply nevertheless faces several difficulties on a daily basis. She struggles to move up and down stairs since she has balance concerns and a significant head tilt. She usually only makes it about six steps up before becoming too exhausted to continue, and going downstairs is out of the question — but she doesn't seem to mind being carried. She doesn't complain, which can be a problem because it's difficult for her family to detect when she's in pain, so they keep a tight eye on her to make sure everything is in working order.

Meeply has been through a lot in her life, but she's always been the most happy, loving dog, and her family is so grateful that she came into their lives.

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