Deserted Dog Rotting Away For 9 Years Sees A Glimmer Of Hope In Her Final Days

When her owner was deported, Josephine the dog, also known as "Pheenie," was left behind. With nowhere else to go, she took refuge under a shipping container in a junkyard, which provided her with the bare minimum of protection from the heat and rain. She survived for 9 lonely years by eating scraps and crumbs thrown at her by the locals. But, eventually, time caught up with her.

Pheenie's health had deteriorated by the time she was a senior dog as a result of the prolonged stress and neglect. She'd been hit by a truck and had lost her right eye, as well as a spinal cord infection, worsening dental disease, urinary tract infection, and multiple painful mammary tumors.

This heartbreaking video follows Hope For Paws workers as they attempt to save Pheenie from her desolate existence. Pheenie gradually realized that someone had finally come to save her in her golden years, despite the difficult nature of the operation. Her relief was palpable as she embraced her saviors with a look of defeated resignation on her face.

To meet her mounting medical needs, Pheenie was placed in a forever foster program. She lived a happy, pampered, and carefree life in her foster home's spacious farm for 5 glorious months before succumbing to old age. Pheenie's final days were filled with abundant love, despite her cursed life of deprivation and isolation. Pheenie, rest in peace.

Click the video below to watch Pheenie’s haunting rescue from the junkyard and her cozy final days in foster care:

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