For two long years, he spent every day in front of the house waiting for his owner to return in vain

When we talk about loyalty, dogs are the perfect example, their loyalty has no limite. In this story a deep example of that.

 A good neighbor called Animal - Safe Shelter about dieing old dog in that abandoned house.

"A scene that took away my tears. An old dog was lying in the yard of the abandoned house." 

He had an owner, but the owner died two years ago from cancer. Since then, Snow became a street dog, homeless.

In the morning he went to look for food, in the evening he returned to the front door to wait for the owner to return, but he didn't understand why, the owner never returned. His sad eyes spoke to his mood.

 They named him Snow. At the vet, Snow underwent health tests. He was severely dehydrated. The body was thin, only the ribs could be seen. According to the ultrasound, there was a problem with the liver and kidneys

He was immediately given fluids to restore his health.

"Day 2, he was very weak. That was why I was always by his side every second."

"I was afraid if he showed signs of abnormality, what would happen when I was not there?"

He was hungry and ate a little. Nutritious food was essential for Snow at that time, let him recover as quickly as possible.

After two weeks Snow was recovering very well and he started eating more and more.

"Snow climbed into the car by himself, he felt that he was being helped. That day he ate, but little, he loved life and spoke little."

"Snow was a somewhat sensitive and emotional child. Whenever he saw me leaving him, he barked furiously. Maybe he was afraid that I would leave him like the late owner."

Snow's health stats were stable. From now on he no longer had to worry about anything. A happy life, protected and cared for was worthy of him.

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