He Tried To Hide In The Corner Scared Everything, His Body Covered All Of Bite Mark By Other Dogs!

 I don't even know where to begin the story about this dog. How old he is, I don't know. What I do know is that his physical and psychical conditions are very bad in terrible shelter in Praca. His development has obviously been restricted so his hind legs are deformed and his tail is gone.

Edina Pasic A kind woman who had her own Shelter for stray and abandoned animals went to that shelter for another animal, but fate took her to this poor soul. 

He was covered in bite marks because he is small and all the other dogs in the box attack him during feeding times. His head and chest were bulky and disproportionately large compared to his back and legs. He was such a poor little thing, he was so sad.

"When I put the food in front of him, he just laid down oh the food, in the corner of the box, and just looked at me with those sad eyes." Said Edina Pasic

Vet who was present at the shelter was worried he could go blind from spending all his time in the dark, in the box.

"This is beyond sad, I could not leave him there because I had a gut feeling he would not survive. .by the time I make this post and go back for him. He was covered with tiny white and black fleas. His fur is in terrible condition. He coughs. He needs to see a vet as soon as possible!." Said Edina Pasic

She decided to rook him with her. He was sleeping all on the way from Praca to pension. He didin't move even she  checked is he alive many time if he still alive.

She took him  to her own shelter and after five days there, he finally had a detailed exam at the veterinary. The conclusion is that he was born with these anomalies and sadly there is not a lot that can be done to fix this.

The only possible surgery that he could have is the hip surgery but only once his right leg is better. It is still not sure 100 percent that he will recover.

"He is very scared right now, he is afraid of everything, he just wants to hide in the corner. He is afraid of people, cars even when two people are talking he just looks anxious. He is scared of other dogs and when I hold him his little heart is beating so fast that is fills me with sadness. I have promised him that all of this is going to get better and that he will be one of the happiest dogs ever." Said Edina

"After 10 days the little Prince is doing much better. He dont has anymore diarhea. He is brave boy! For now he dont need nothing.. still is very early for any vaccine."

Four months later, timid boy Prince is finally home. He is adopted in Finland, by a kind woman called his Henna, she loved him so much from the first day she saw him 

We all really love you and wish you very long and happy life. A very sad story with the best happy ending!

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