Owner Travels 310 Miles To Reunite With His Stolen Dog

After being found 310 miles from home, a lost dog was reunited with his owner.

Back in June last year, Bandit, a one-year-old Malinois Shepherd, went missing from his home in Côte-d´Or (France).

Farid, his owner, was devastated by this and spent months searching for his canine best friends.

Unfortunately, his search yielded no positive results for several months. Yet. Eight months later, Bandit was found on the side of the road by a kind stranger.

The poor dog was stolen when he was only 4 months old.

The dog was found without a collar at 310 miles from home, but he was luckily equipped with a microchip, which helped him to eventually be reintroduced to his owner.

The reunion was well-organized, and the two best friends were overjoyed to finally be together!

Bandit and Farid are now able to live their lives together thanks to the incredible, life-saving work of the shelter, a good Samaritan, and a microchip.

When Farid heard the good news, he immediately drove to Bandit's road.

He said: “I’m so grateful for everyone who had a hand in his recovery and I cannot stress enough the importance of chipping your pets. Bringing Bandit home is a miracle that would not have occurred without that chip. "Bandit's arrival home was one of the happiest days of my life."

Watch the two friends' heartwarming video below. Farid shared it, noting that the two of them had traveled a long distance, but he was overjoyed to have his beloved dog back.

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