A 9-year-old German Shepherd called Sarge turned into a surrogate and kind mother for numerous parentless fawns

 The unique ability of dogs to be friendly, caring, and faithful will always be an object of people's admiration. Their big hearts are open to those in need of comfort, care, and protection.

It refers not only to people, but to other living creatures, as well. Sarge, a German Shepherd, is a gentle dog who cares for orphaned fawns.

Her Owner Cheryl Stephan, a big-hearted lady, adopted many orphaned animals during the years, including some little fawns.

Sarge was very friendly and kind with all the adopted animals, but he had a special compassion with Buckheat, who was the first orphaned fawn adopted by Cheryl.

When Sarge met this little creature the first time, some warm feelings appeared in his heart. He was immediately drawn to this fawn and soon became his protector.

The kind dog was involved in all the aspects of Buckwheat’s care. He quickly assumed the crucial role of "mom" to the fawn.

Wherever fawn went, the dog followed him, just being sure that everything was ok with Buckheat. Sarge had to go find the fawn and bring him back when he grew up and became independent, venturing out alone.

When Buckheat grew and become strong, Cheryl had to release him in the wild. That made kind dog very sad. His owner even predicted that he would never be as friendly with other animals as he was with this one.

But luckily she was wrong. Sarge's compassion returned as soon as Cheryl brought more fawns for rehabilitation. He quickly became a baby-sit for these wonderful creatures.

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