Dog waits every night for his owner with flashlight to protect her until they get home safely

There are some animal behaviours that leave you speechless. Fortunately, there are now many more ways to capture or document major moments and events all around the world. Furthermore, sharing them has become simple. And this is the case of Mao Mao, a beautiful Labrador retriever with a peculiar behaviour, which we shall explore in this essay. We're in Yichang, a large Chinese city, where this small dog has left hundreds of people dumbfounded in front of the television.

Both the Labrador and his owner have already travelled the world. What happens to the story's two main characters? When his mistress gets off the bus on her way home from work, which could be in the evening or even late at night, she has to walk a stretch of road with no lights. She is completely in the dark and must return home by herself.

Her parents used to come looking for her to keep her company along the way at one time. The Labrador has developed a more established habit after years of rearing Mao Mao. When it is communicated from a distance that the girl is about to get off the bus, she acts as the family's reporter. The family then began letting the dog out in the dark with a torch to meet the girl.

Seeing Mao Mao pick up his beloved human and protect her till she returns home exemplifies the beautiful link that owners have with their furry best pals. Above all, it's intriguing to see how frequently this "relay" is checked and completed.

The road ahead is a meandering, dark stretch. Mao Mao, on the other hand, has become the mistress's ideal companion for some time now. Every evening, her parents authorise Mao Mao to pick her up with a Whatsapp message to her family.

Obviously, once released from the house, the Labrador does not walk around. He approaches the girl at the stoplight as if he were a real torch, replete with a glowing collar. In reality, the dog is furnished with colourful lights attached to the collar in order to attract attention. There is no better defender than Mao Mao, and he continues to perform this beautiful daily task for the cute human.

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