This Dog Cried Like A Human At the Funeral Of Its Owner, Making Many People Cry

This adorable puppy named Belinha had been inseparable from her best friend and owner, Telma Mara, for the previous four years. Unfortunately, their time together has recently been cut short, but Belinha's love for her owner remains.

Maria, who lived in Brazil, died earlier this month after a lengthy cancer struggle. Belinha never left her side during her long battle and decreasing health, and the dog's consoling presence lifted Maria's spirits.

Dionsio Neto, Mara's son, revealed online, "My mother said she was his nurse." "Belinha was the dearest friend."

Given Belinha's significance in Maria's life, it was only natural for her to attend her funeral. Belinha sat quietly next to other family members, as if she understood the gravity of the tragic meeting.

What happened next, however, had the most profound effect on Mary's son.

Belinha astounded everyone who remained by Maria's side for the remainder of the service, exactly as she had done when Maria was alive. Neto wished to capture those tender moments, writing: Belinha continued to cry after the wedding, regretting Maria's absence constantly. So, in the hopes of providing some solace to the dog, Neto and several family members consented to show Belinha where her best friend is now, a visit that seemed to calm her down.

Belinha ripped her leash in the cemetery and raced straight to Maria's grave, despite the fact that she had not been present when she was buried. Neto was affected to learn that the link between his mother and his dog had not been broken, and he told Estado newspaper, "Even in death, my mother teaches me that love is not limited to people."My mother and Belinha demonstrate that animal love is more powerful than many people's love."

Belinha's heart will begin to mend with time, knowing that Maria is never far away. Belinha now has a permanent home with Neto, so she won't have to deal with her grief alone.

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