Toddler Insists On Holding The Leash When Taking Her Deaf-Blind Dog For A Walk

We've all seen how affectionate dogs can be. Dogs are the closest non-human species to us who we can truly call friends. Aside from their bravery, loyalty, and compassion, dogs are incredibly sensitive to human emotions and physiological changes.

Echo's beauty was overlooked when she was born.  Most obnoxious pet owners would never want a dog who is deaf and blind. And just like that, the gorgeous white Great Dane Pup was abandoned at a kill shelter to be put down at the age of 12 weeks.

However, a woman named Marion Dwyer saved her at the last moment. It took Marion some time to realize how great of a burden she had taken on by saving a puppy who couldn't see or hear.

Marion named the pup "Echo" and took her to her home base in Niagara, New York, despite the pup's lack of sight and hearing. Echo most likely knew she was finally safe and at her forever home because she began to bloom into a lovely dog.

Everyone who visited Marion often fell in love with Echo because of her warm and incredibly fun character. However, Marion soon became aware of small changes in Echo's behavior.

Marion finally understood why Echo was acting strangely after discovering she was pregnant. Marion claimed that Echo had begun to be too protective of her and would frequently hover around her while she was alone. Long before Marion knew she was expecting, Echo had begun to snuggle around her belly.

Marion went into labor at the last minute, so the hugging and sheltering continued. Everyone in the room could see that Echo's limitations did not in any way impair her ability to protect Marion and the unborn human inside of her.

Echo adjusted to the news of a new family member in less than a day. From the moment she entered the world, she gladly took on the role of Marion's daughter's elder sister.

Baby Jennie was so in sync with Echo that she became her best friend and younger sister from the moment she was born. A Great Dane's immense size can scare off a normal-sized human, but this was never the case for Jennie.

She could not have had a dog who is better than Echo, claims Marion. Despite Echo's incapacity to interact with the outside world like a regular dog, she is exceedingly sensitive and cautious about Jennie and never ceases guarding or protecting her.

Baby Jenny and Echo do everything together, except communicate in their own hidden language. This involves taking a walk together. A video of Jennie and Echo taking an evening stroll through the neighborhood recently went viral.

Jennie's little size or Echo's blindness and deafness do not appear to be impeding their progress along the walkway. According to Marion, Echo always walks with Jennie on the safer side of the walkway and never pulls on the leash or runs away from her. Since Jennie began to walk echo at around 14 months old, their legendary evening strolls have been rather popular in the neighborhood. This is a clear demonstration of great love and camaraderie between humans and dogs.

Episodes like these serve as a reminder that dogs are not disposable commodities or trophies to be displayed. Like humans, they are sentient beings capable of living, loving, and caring.

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