Veterinarian Fights Back When Stranger Shouts Foul Insult At His One-Eyed Dog

 Discrimination exists not only between people, but also between animals, as there are people who attack them for their appearance behind their cell phone displays. This is the case with Oliver. 

Oliver, a Labrador puppy, was attacked by another dog when he was only a few months old and lost an eye in the fight. That made it impossible for him to find a loving family until James Greenwood, a veterinarian, arrived and fell in love with this small dog's noble heart. 

However, James has not only received wonderful comments about his dog, but he has also had to deal with people's disdain for his appearance, who mock him on social media.

James recently had to come forward to defend Oliver after he was insulted on social media. 

In an interview with the BBC, the veterinarian stated that Oliver had a tough existence before coming into his life, but that since then, he has only been a "being of light, full of love," and that adopting him has been one of his best decisions.

Unfortunately, many people are uninformed of their background and take advantage of their lack of empathy by making terrible comments about their appearance. 

"They called my dog 'extremely ugly' today." He is an animal, and as such, he is incapable of responding. He repulses me. "These bitter people make me sick," James stated, tired of unwarranted attacks on a basic dog.

Despite his displeasure at what had occurred, James refused to make nasty comments about the stranger or the other people who had attacked his tiny dog. On the contrary, he made sure that everyone got to know Oliver better so that they might learn to appreciate and love him as much as he did. 

Many animal lovers, of course, stepped out to defend Oliver and support James after the hateful comments were removed: "Your dog is beautiful and amazing just the way he is, and there is no gratuitous hate towards unloved people to change that," he commented. a customer.

"I appreciate all of your messages. And I'd like to share something I discovered with you... Oliver has an almost miraculous ability to 'plant' smiles on the faces of people who encounter him.  It's fantastic to go for a walk with him; he's a sight to behold! "If Oliver has taught me anything, it's that there are far more good people than bad people in the world," James remarked.

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