Abandoned Dog Cry Nonstop For Days, Looking At Each Car & Hoping Owner Would Come Back To Pick Her

This is Peggy! She had been left by the side of the road for more than three days. Peggy was dumped in this barren location like rubbish, with little prospect of survival. Her beloved and dependable family had abandoned her.

She cried for three days, watching at each automobile, hoping the owner would come and get her. Of course, no one stopped to help the baby.

Monica Popovici, a gorgeous lady, slowed down. And this lady adores dogs and even has her own dog shelter.

"My heart broke when I heard her weep. I'd loved her since the first moment I saw her. I promised her I loved her and would never leave her again. She had faith in me. "I'm overjoyed that I took her to the vet," I said. "I now have this adorable infant." Monica stated that Peggy is OK and that she will be picked up the next day. 

Monica's hand was constantly kissed by the lovely little boy. After a few days, she is feeling much better and enjoying her time with the other dogs.

She now has a wonderful owner and a pleasant, social existence.

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