Longest shelter resident falls asleep smiling when he finally finds a family

Despite his tough beginnings, Petey has always been a happy dog. But, since his adoption, he has never masked his joy, and he sleeps with a smile every night!

Petey, a one-year-old dog, is already the oldest resident of his North Carolina, United States shelter. This dog, on the other hand, is quite friendly. According to The Dodo, it would surely offer joy to a family.

The dog deserves a better life

His first shelter quickly filled up, and potential adopters were uninterested in him. The volunteers will then rehouse him at the SPCA of Wake County in the hope that he would have additional opportunities to find happiness.

Petey, with his unrivalled zeal, will be equally unanimous. " He was very friendly and playful from the first day," recalls Samantha Ranlet, the shelter's publicist. It's difficult for us to think that no one wanted him.

Then, love at first sight

This dependably cheery disposition may have enabled him to seduce the members of his future household on November 14...

A few weeks after posting a photo of Petey on their website, the volunteers were approached by a family interested in adopting him. This dog literally "fell in love" with her. Petey will only stay in this new shelter for one month, which "melts the hearts" of its members.

Petey no longer hides his joy at being adopted

The quadruped has settled in perfectly in his new home. "He likes to sleep in bed, play ball , and sniff the four corners of the garden ." He shares his home with another dog and is adored by all the other canines he meets.

Petey sleeps with a smile on his face every night because he is so happy with his destiny. "It's the smile of a dog who knows he's at home," the shelter members said.

This dog, who has always been happy despite everything, now has more than one reason to be happy. Petey and his lifelong family are just getting started on a fantastic adventure.

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