Tears Flow From His Eyes As He Can’t Understand Why Family Left Him In Shelter

It is unclear why some dogs experience separation anxiety while others do not. However, in the example of Blue King (or Blue), a pit bull, it is clear why he began wailing the moment his owners abandoned him at a high-kill shelter in California since they could not take Blue with them to their new home.

Because Carson Shelter is a high-kill facility, animals that aren't claimed or adopted are euthanized to make room for new arrivals.

Blue was facing the dreadful "death row" prospect. He continued to whine in misery, reverberating across the refuge, alone in his kennel. He struggled with the alone and sank into a deep despair.

When Blue first arrived at the shelter, he couldn't comprehend why his owners had abandoned him. He just wanted to be back with them. So he did what most dogs do: he cried out his separation anxiety in the hopes that his owners would come and take him back.

How dogs think and feel has become a scientific research topic, with studies demonstrating that dogs share human emotions such as pain, grief, and even depression. They also grasp human speech and its meaning, and they create profound, loving bonds with their pet parents.

Blue realised after a few days at the shelter that his owners had abandoned him for forever. He'd curl up in the corner of his kennel and cry actual tears. He was heartbroken.

Blue's misery was noted by the shelter personnel, who attempted to console him. They offered him food, chatted to him, and took him for walks, but nothing appeared to help the dog cope with the departure of his family.

Some members of the crew eventually observed Blue's sad expression and decided to assist the dog. They filmed the grieving pit bull and posted it on Facebook in the hopes that someone would adopt him before he was put to sleep.

Everyone's heart was broken by Blue. Jennifer McKay, an animal lover, noticed Blue's tearful eyes and knew she had to help him.

She stopped by the shelter the next day. "He looked very sad and depressed," McKay claimed, adding that Blue wouldn't even acknowledge her as she passed by, despite the fact that all the other dogs were making eye contact and wagging their tails.

"He wouldn't even stand up or come to meet me and I could tell that every time someone walked by, it was like he was looking for [his family]," she claimed.

She decided to adopt Blue, and once the dog passed the temperament test, she filled out the adoption paperwork and took Blue home a week later. As soon as they stepped outside the kennel, they were overcome with delight. The dog displayed an entirely different personality, full of energy and eagerness.

"He kind of duped me. I was anticipating a calm, laid-back dog, but he jumped up and down as soon as the kennel doors opened. He also enjoyed vehicle rides. "He wanted to poke his head out the window," McKay explained.

People who had been following the post were overjoyed to hear the good news. "OMG...this just breaks my heart," one reader remarked. His family members should be embarrassed. Thank God, he was adopted. "I hope they give him hugs and kisses every day."

Blue King became a new dog after leaving the shelter. Blue, according to his new owner, enjoys sleeping, belly massages, hugs, and staring into mirrors.

"He's obsessed with looking at himself in the mirror," McKay explained, adding that she was thrilled to have Blue join the family.

Blue still has a lot to learn (including basic instructions and walking on a leash), but McKay believes the once-shelter dog will be OK.

Blue's journey to recovery was still long and far from done, but he was off to a good start in a loving environment. Blue has learnt to trust humans once more, thanks to Jennifer's unending affection. Another commenter on the site summed up the overall message of the event.

"People who discarded a dog with little thought probably shouldn't have pets!" he wrote. Pets require a commitment for the whole of the pet's life. His sobs and cries crushed my heart, but I'm so glad he has a loving permanent home!"

The relationship between man and dog endures, a lesson for those who undervalue their canine companions' loyalty.

They regard people as their universe, a pack member, a family member, and the source of all that is exciting and amazing. As a result, it's not surprising that many dogs grieve when you leave, even if it's only for an hour.

This heartbreaking story about Blue, who wept himself to sleep, is a classic example of what happens to abandoned pets once they are abandoned.

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