Thіs Pоlіcе Dog еmоtіоnallу Said Goodbye To Hіs Handler

The link between man and dog may reach inconceivable heights, and the story you're going to read is about a rare emotional bond that was unfortunately destroyed by death. When a man and a dog become bonded, something special is created within them that, if lost, causes excruciating pain.

This is what happened when Jerjes, a police dog, bid his friend Jorge Baeza, a member of the Carabinieri Dog Training Unit, a sorrowful farewell.

Since Jerjes joined the team in 2013, Baeza and his favourite police dog have gotten along swimmingly. It was impossible to keep them apart after that. Unfortunately, Jorge died a few months ago, leaving his poor dog to bear the burden.

His team worked fast to arrange for his transportation to Concepción for his funeral. Everyone was taken aback by the animal's emotional response. He appeared to have tears in his eyes.

Eduardo Ortega, who attended the funeral, wrote on Facebook, "I think it is important to share this photo because today we said goodbye to more than just a colleague; we said goodbye to a dog trainer, and his colleagues from Santiago brought his trusted friend to say goodbye one last time." While he cried, the German Shepherd stood next to the coffin.

"Look at your devoted friend who spent all his time next to your coffin," he adds in a message to Jorge. I feel obligated to share this image with you, even if you can't see it, because he had a profound impact on me." He said, "Rest in peace, my dear friend." A message and a genuinely moving moment for everyone, particularly the dog.

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