Touching Love Bond! Hero Pit Bull Saves Foster Mom From Rattlesnake

 Nellie, a female Pitbull, is 5 years old and has never had a true family. She was shy and aloof, and she disliked the presence of other companions or people. If we don't know the reasons for such behaviour, such as the owner's death or mistreatment, we know what caused the dog to entirely transform!

Nellie, despite her famed wisdom, has always been a shy, even fearful dog. The dog was relocated after a year of living with a family. She has been moving from shelter to shelter since then. Only after being rescued by the Final Frontier Rescue Project and embraced by her temporary foster family did the dog transform!

"She was all round and cute," Taylor recalls six months after her rescue. Despite everything, Nellie needed to exercise, so she started participating in sports and lost about 20 kilogrammes. Despite receiving all the attention she need, the dog retained her fearful side; loud noises worried her, and new meetings never did her any good. She avoided meeting new people and animals.

Taylor, her mother, spent a lot of time trying to calm her dog's unusual behaviour while waiting for her to find a forever family.

Nellie stunned her surrogate mother one day by revealing her actual self. This occurrence had a significant impact on the dog's personality as well as her relationship with her mother.

Taylor and Nellie go hiking in a Texas state park in March. A rattlesnake appears on the way back. She started shouting as he approached the terrified walker. The dog steps between the snake and her mistress at this precise moment, allowing Nellie to stop the snake between her legs. A daring act that, if it saved Taylor, also demonstrated that when Nellie cared about anything, she defended him, including his family!

Nellie is bitten in the face during the battle. The two animals were only separated due to the involvement of a person present at the scene of the fight; the man grabbed the snake by the tail and drew it away from an unfortunate injured dog!

It was Nellie's turn to be saved, and when she came to, Taylor rushed the dog to the clinic!

The damage did not appear to affect the dog, who began to recuperate after getting proper dosages of antivenom and antibiotics. A watershed moment in Nellie's life, the formerly fearful dog became less shy and more extroverted! As a result, she became extroverted and no longer shy.

If Taylor has to leave the dog with someone today, she does it with peace of mind because the Nellie of the past is no longer alive. She understands the pleasure of sharing a moment with someone! Taylor, on the other hand, will be eternally thankful to the brave dog who saved her life.

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