Abandoned Dog Ran Over And Cried When She Recognized Her Neighbor

 We love someone our entire life, and then they abandon us when we are old. This story is similar to that. When she recognised her neighbour, she waggled both her waist and her tail.

Lunya was abandoned and had been walking the streets for some days; time and street life had worn her down considerably. Then, one day, a neighbour recognised her and called AlabaiHelp to beg assistance.

AlabaiHelp's rescue team went there and took her with them. The next day, she was still quite tired and just wanted to lie down with a sorrowful expression.

"I've always thought that dogs have a sixth sense they know who's nice and they're honest so she's frightened to go out she's terrified to go back to her old life."

A dermatologist prescribed for her. Her skin was painful from tick bites, and after that day, she began to trust more. 

She wanted to be with me every few days, and she always buried her head within mine. She wants to talk about her pain.

After a few months of caring for her and building trust with her. Those efforts were not in vain, as Lunya opened her heart and welcomed a new, joyful life. 

She is excited. A new life awaits. It's too late for an old dog like her, yet it's worth every day. Thank you to the neighbour for reaching out so she might find happiness again in this life.

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