Bait Dоg Savеd Frоm A Fighting Ring Carriеs His Sеcսrity Blankеt еvеrywhеrе Nоw

Pit Bull Barbie was still a puppy when he was employed as a bait dog in a dogfighting ring. When he was rescued, he suffered physical and psychological injuries. When his small body was punctured and infected, he was terrified.

His wound created a foul odour, and he was completely debilitated. These bleak circumstances eventually led to his death.

Bobby was rescued from euthanasia at the last minute, but his struggles were far from over. He was imprisoned in the garage for the next two months, like a useless piece of trash. Eventually, a woman learned of his plight and immediately adopted him. Bobby sat in the rescuer's car, frustrated and bewildered, not realising that his life was about to change forever.

Bobby felt stirred for the first time by the new mother's love and dedication. She let him work over his shyness and fear on his own time. Months passed, and his remarkable physical and mental recovery shocked everyone. He develops a strong attachment to the woman who rescued him, which eventually manifests as extreme separation anxiety.

Bubby's owner chose to train him in the crate to ensure his safety and stability while she was away. Bubby realised that blankets add a new level of comfort to this crate workout! Every morning, he slipped out of his crate with a blanket and strutted about the house, sniffing and wagging his tail energetically!

Bubby's blanket acted as a safety net, reassuring him that everything was fine. His trauma and dreams fade, but his prized "blank habit" remains largely unchanged. He grew to love pillows, toys, and pretty much everything else that reminded him of home over time!

Bobby's family gave him the greatest gift of all when they adopted another rescued pit bull named Simon to accompany him. They anticipated Bobby would grow out of his blanket addiction, but it never happened. Simon adores and admires Bobby, and it's just a matter of time before he emulates his brother's fervent love! Wow! Pitbulls are lovely.

Click on the video below to see Bubby use his trusty blanket to learn to cope with previous trauma.

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