Repeatedly abandoned due to its disfigurement, a dog finally finds hope when a woman recognizes and appreciates its true beauty

Despite being named Lucky, this dog was extremely unlucky till then. Born with a facial deformity, he was repeatedly rejected and sent to the shelter, but he eventually found the ideal mother.

When you are born to an unscrupulous breeder whose only goal is profit, having a deformity is almost like being sentenced to death. Lucky is a Labrador-Retriever born with a facial abnormality and thus unable to be sold by the breeder's owner, who clearly abandoned him, according to the Animal Channel website.

He was taken in by a shelter and then placed with many foster and adoption families, but he was always returned after extended periods of mistreatment.

In instance, he ended up with a family in Austin, Texas, who opted to abandon him since cohabitation with the cats was not working well. He was regularly kept outside, tethered to a tree, and fed poorly. He had neither enough sleeping quarters nor care from his masters.

Lucky was dying in poor health due to hunger and dirofilariasis (heartworm), was parasite-infested, and lacked an identification chip. He need attention and affection. To facilitate his adoption, one of the shelter volunteers took him to a groomer and then took numerous beautiful photos of him, which were then released on a social media platform. Many people were impressed with the photos, including a woman named Jamie Hult. The latter made an urgent decision to adopt him.

The veterinarian informed him that Lucky was unwell and that his treatments would be exceedingly expensive, but Jamie Hult was undeterred. She told him she was willing to pay and that she had to do whatever was necessary to save him. She paid about 8,000 dollars (roughly 6,400 euros) in veterinary expenditures, and Lucky ended up recovering completely.

At his new mother's house, Lucky was given a new name: Beaux Tox. Jamie Hult justifies his odd choice by saying that his face looks like it needs botox treatments. "We love beauty in all its forms," she says of the quadruped.

The brave doggie now has everything he needs to be happy: a loving family who has lately extended with the addition of two more dogs, walks, games, swimming, and a tranquil place to sleep...

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