She crawled down the street and got drenched in the rain. waited for help for days in front of people’s eyes

With today's story, we hope to make you think about a problem that has always existed in the interaction between man and nature: the former's indifference to the latter. Continue reading to learn what happened!

Today's story occurred in Venezuela. A dog in bad health was discovered there by volunteers from Fundación JR Rescata.

The poor animal was really frail, and his eyes were dull. After crawling for hours in the pouring rain, he had run out of strength. Many people had seen him, but no one had assisted him: human indifference can be disarming!

His entire story is chronicled in a stunning video that has gone viral on the internet. There is footage of his rescue by volunteers; fortunately, there are good-hearted people in the world who will do whatever to save animals!

The dog was rushed to the veterinarian for a checkup. His situation was critical, but luckily it wasn't too late.

The crew named this dog Polly, which expresses confidence. There was never a more appropriate choice: Polly was a true warrior.

Polly's Rebirth

Polly's recovery was slow but steady, and she improved with each passing day. After a few weeks, she felt like she was back to full strength.

Her character emerges for the first time under these new (and weird) conditions of well-being. Polly was a large dog who enjoyed life in all of its intricacies, including her walks, games, and luscious and warm meals.

Polly is currently waiting in the shelter for a family who will adopt her. She is fine and excited to fall passionately in love with her new masters.

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