Unwanted Dog Beats Cancer And Gets Her Loving Forever Home

Sid is a dog who met the Sidewalk crew during one of their outreach drives in De Doorns.

Sidewalk is a South African dog rescue and mass sterilisation project based in De Doorns. The organization's purpose is to help pets by providing free veterinarian care and sterilisation. As if that weren't enough, dogs with Transmissible Venereal Tumours can also receive free chemotherapy.

Sid was lucky enough to cross paths with Sidewalk.

Sid's family wanted the sad dog slaughtered at the time since she had cancer. TVT was identified in her.

Fortunately, Sidewalk can help treat this type of cancer. They took Sid in and generously funded her chemotherapy sessions in the hopes of mending her.

They represented Sid's ray of light.

Despite Sidewalk's willingness to pay for the therapy, it appeared that her former family no longer wanted her. It's heartbreaking to see how easily they might have abandoned the poor dog just because she was ill.

Sid underwent

There were a total of twelve chemotherapy treatments. She persevered through the arduous procedures and emerged successful.

Sid is completely cancer-free!

Not only that, but she has received another tremendous blessing: she has finally found her permanent home!

It was difficult to determine whether someone would want to adopt a dog with a cancer history at first. Furthermore, caring for a dog is an accomplishment in and of itself, especially if the dog has previously battled a terrible disease such as cancer.

But everything worked out perfectly for her.

Her aches have been replaced by pure joy in the embrace of a family that values and loves her. She is now known as the family's little princess.

She now spends her days with other dogs, who quickly become her closest companions. Now that she has overcome cancer, she is free to play whenever she pleases.

She certainly deserves the entire world !

Sid appears to enjoy kisses and embraces, which she receives from both her furdaddy and her fur friends. She now understands a few abilities and is eager to learn more. Sid is having the best time ever!

It's also clear how much better she looks now than when Sidewalk first received her. She appears to be completely healthy and cheerful now!

It's all because to Sidewalk.

Sidewalk deserves our full respect and thanks for everything they do for these animals. Dogs deserve the best, and they certainly gave Sid that and more.

Sid is now cancer-free and lives in a household where she is valued above everything else. Every dog deserves it. What was once a cancer-stricken dog is now a healthy companion who can offer and receive affection.

Congratulations to Sidewalk and any other group that helps our beloved dogs.

Watch the video below to discover Sid's bright new life.

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