While she was dying slowly, he tried to lift her and puts himself in front of her to protect her.

We informed  that there were seven animals at the this location. Five people were starving to death. There was only a mother and her pup left.

The mother, locked up, was unable to protect her pups or escape the predicament. She is slowly dying, and the only person who has cared for her up to this moment is her own pup, the only one left. During the rescue, they shared one of the most heartbreaking moments we've ever witnessed.

The puppy repeatedly tries to lift the mother, who is unable to stand, and positions himself in front of her to protect her. We don't know if she'll survive, but he's still by her side. We want to yell to the four winds that this is a crime, that it is inhumane, and that this person must be jailed.

We took them to the veterinary clinic. They were almost starving to death. We start by giving them some food. They ate voraciously.

The mother dog was really frail, and her puppy was always attempting to protect and save her. Look at their mutual love and kindness.

The mother dog can stand now, although she is quite weak. We don't think she could serve. We named the mother Arizona, and the brave puppy Texas.

Three days later, after we had done everything we could, our mama Arizona was gone!! We have no words to express how sad we are about your departure and the void you will leave for beloved pup. He cried since the moment he left her. It pains so much to watch this disconnect, folks.

On Monday, Texas launched a cough board. He has been examined and it is suspected that he has pneumonia. He's already started the treatment. However, he still need assistance with bloodwork, x-rays, and remaining in the hospital. Texas has endured enough, and all we want for him is a happy ending.

He witnessed his brothers starve to death one by one. Despite being hungry, in agony, and dying, he decided to stay with his shackled mother. He stood by her side until she took her final breath. He is a Survivor. A warrior. But he's still a baby.

He deserves to be a member of a family. To be happy. To be adored. He loves the company of humans and other dogs, is quite smart, and has learned to sit. He is still hospitalised and responding well to treatment. We're quite optimistic about his recovery.

A month later, Texas is now called Chico. Guess what, his new mother gave him this charming name. Yes, he has found his eternal home. He has a charming house full of flowers, love, caresses, cuddles, endless hugs, and lots of embraces.

May your life be bright and happy. The future will be different for him, and we're sure his mother, Arizona, is watching from wherever she is.

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